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User administration

If you have a user account in BME's Neptun system, you also have an eduID. After a successful login you can view your eduID data, and set your eduID password.

You have two options to log in here:

Use your eduID

If you have already set an eduID password, you can log in with your eduID.

Belépés BME címtáras azonosítóval

Lost eduID password

Use your Neptun code and password

If you have not set an eduID password, or have it forgotten, you can log in with your Neptun loginname and password.

Warning! If you have a custom Neptun loginname in Neptun, you cannot login with your Neptun code, only with that loginname.

Newly admitted students, attention!

  • You will not be able to log in with your initial password on this page. You must first log into Neptun, set a new password, and this can be used to log in here.
  • The Directory system will become available for use 1-2 days after they are in Neptun.